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Ponka acts as an extension of your company by providing a fully integrated outsourced team. A low-cost annotation service for machine learning and artificial intelligence companies seeking high-quality training data for diverse businesses.

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Experience best-in-class quality services with the highest accuracy level, delivering excellence in image annotation through multiple stages of auditing and reviewing labeled data.


Working with a professional workforce to annotate images on demand, providing a completely scalable solution with a quick turnaround time to meet the needs of various clients.


Outsourcing image annotation to us means that our clients receive a cost-effective data labeling service, allowing them to reduce the cost of their project while maximizing efficiency.



Our team has the necessary talent and versatility to serve your different requirements. We are always ready to go out of the box!

DATA ANNOTATION: The categorization and labelling of data for AI applications is known as data annotation. For a specific use case, training data must be properly classified and annotated. Companies can build and improve AI implementations with high-quality, human- powered data annotation.

We use different modes of annotation as per client’s needs. Some of the annotations we are working/have worked on for different projects are:

IMAGE ANNOTATION: Image annotation is the process of labeling images in a given dataset to train machine learning models. Our experts process images so that machines can see the world in the same way that humans do. Ponka has an experienced and expert team who can annotate: 2D bounding boxes, polygons, semantic segmentation, labelling, and annotation of points and landmarks.

TEXT ANNOTATION: Text annotation is the process of assigning labelsto a text document or different elements of its content. Classification and keyword tagging, named-entity recognition, relationship extraction, sentiment analysis, and text categorization are all services that our teams can provide. It is best to delegate these tasks to our data annotation experts if you need to organize and process large files and collections of files

AUDIO TRANSCRIPTION: Audio transcribing involves the classification of audio components in a machine-understandable format. There is difference between Audio Transcription and Audio Annotation. Audio or Speech Annotation is the process of converting spoken language into written form where as in annotation additional information is added to already existing text. Our team is here to provide the best and reliable audio annotation services for you!

VIDEO ANNOTATION: Video annotation is the process of labeling or tagging video clips which are used for training computer vision models to detect or identify objects. Our data annotation experts use the best annotation tools to label your videos by breaking them down into frames and reconstructing them once the annotation is finished. With Ponka, you’ll get consistent object tracking to quickly label videos.

POLYGONAL ANNOTATION: Polygon annotation is used for irregular-shaped or simply, with the images which you can’t bound inbox, it captures more lines and angles to draw a high level of accuracy.

LiDAR ANNOTATION: LiDAR (Light Detection & Ranging) data is an essential sensor for geospatial technology, autonomous technology, and many other industry applications. 3D cuboid/box annotation, landmark annotation, polygon annotation, and polyline annotation are some of the Lidar data labelling services offered by Ponka to meet your projects’ needs.


  • Ponka’s portfolio of services also include Data Management & Processing services. Our team will manage the master and micro data in your organization’s systems by discarding redundant or unnecessary entries, leaving only the most recent, precise, and trustworthy information.
  • Furthermore, we can also convert the data in the form of image/video and audio into more useful and meaningful information. Ponka develops, sorts, and optimises data sets of all kinds to increase precision and functionality.
  • Additionally, we offer remote video monitoring services so that you can request analysis of your visual data and get the support and assistance you need.



Used in computer vision learning to drive an autonomous vehicle and to mark the other objects required for a driver’s safety such as traffic signals, road signs etc.


Vision-based inspection is used for E-Commerce and Retail, labelling of items in a cart/trolley for faster checkouts or tagging items in shelves of supermarkets to estimate stock count.


Annotation in agriculture can streamline the process of monitoring crop health, detecting plant fructification, detecting unwanted crops along with predicting crop yield.


Data annotation in healthcare involves labeling medical imaging data such as X-Ray, CT, MRI scans, Mammography, or Ultrasound.


From robotic arms used in warehouses to robots used in agricultural fields and drones used for home delivery, Ponka provides annotation for all such applications


Understand human poses, track and identify players, get match analytics and much more!


Leveraging annotation applications to handle spatial data, geographical mapping or aerial imagery.


Entity identification, understanding sentiments and semantics so as to help the chatbots give the necessary response to a customer feedback



Our clients have the opportunity to be part of a social enterprise aimed at developing a village in Sierra Leone, Africa. Your organization provides work for the adults in the village, generating income for the community.

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